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World Sellers Trading Co. of Aguirre Sara C.

[Argentina]Diapers - Pantiliners - Pads

PANTILINERS “DONCELLA” 23502 Deodorants 30 Pack x 20 Units 23505 Ultra Thins case non/deodorants 30 Pack X 20 Units 23506 Ultra Thins case deodorants 30 Pack X 20 Units 23500 Non/deodorants 30 Pack x 20 Units BABY WET WIPE "BABYLOOK" 21504 With zipper Chamomile & vitamin E 24 Pack X 100 Units PADS "DONCELLA" SMOOTH EXTRA 21604 Wings and Barriers non/deodorants 40 Pack x 8 Units 21605 Wings and Barriers deodorants 40 Pack x 8 Units 21326 Barriers[...]


[Argentina]Legueras and Maxims canvas shoes

THE QUALITY IS THE DIFFERENCE Casual shoes, moccasin, bootee, espadrilles, with lace. Womens, mens and childrens. Fabric: Panama, brin, denim, basil or corderoy materials upper. Lining: 100 % cotton. Insole: rubber eva and polypropylene 6 mm. Outsole: Vulcanized rubber, hardness 65 SH or original Jute.[...]


[Argentina]Bronco Leather Shoes

100% of the best hand sewed argentine leather. With laces, moccasin, boat, bootee. Chamois leather, normal cow leather, nubuk.. Smooth leather or embossed leather (imitation capybara). Leather insole. Pique lining. Outsole PVC. Sewed and compo. Size: USA boys=8.5 - 4.5 mens= 5 - 10.5 EUR 26 - 44 UK boys= 8 - 4 mens=4.5 – 10[...]


[Argentina]Ccoffee filters. personalized with your company brand and logo

Cotton cloth coffee filters. Personalized with your company brand and logo. They are made of aw vegetal cotton cloth, washed and bleached in a dry cleaner and carded in its external face. They are absolutely innocuous, easy to biodegrade, odorless and insipid. They have a nutrition service aproval certificate of Santa fe, Argentina and they are fit to be exported. The piece of cloth is sewed to a heat-resistant polypropylene ring with a handle. The filters are in individual polypropylene[...]


[Argentina]DR.COSSIA Pet food

The complete and balanced formula of Dr. Cossia Pet Food for pets of normal activity, it is composed by ingredients of high quality that they assure an excellent reception by palate of its pets and one better digestion. It has all necessary the essential nutrients for a pets of normal activity. High nutricional value to an accessible price. 100% natural, guaranteed satisfaction. Calcium and minerals: they guarantee one structures bony optimal. Fortified with vitamins and minerals.[...]